Direct Pay

Adelphic’s breakthrough Direct Pay model facilitates direct billing between our client and SSP/Publisher.  This creates unprecedented levels of transparency into media, tech and data costs, no more black box.


As a leading DSP, Adelphic has integrations with leading providers throughout the programmatic ecosystem. This evolving partner roster ensures that your campaigns have the best targeting and creative execution, run in the best environments on leading publishers and produce measurable results to grow your business.

  • Ad Quality
  • Creative
  • Data
  • Inventory
  • Mobile App / Attribution
  • Proximity / Location


  • Mobile


    Mobile is quickly becoming the preferred digital consumption platform, presenting an opportunity to harness consumers’ real-world behaviors through real-time proximity and historical location data. With Adelphic’s industry-leading location suite, you can capitalize on the power of quality location data to reach the right customers, and execute dynamic mobile messaging to drive engagement and sales. Then you can measure the incremental lift in-store visits directly attributed to your campaign.

  • Desktop


    With the customer journey more complex than ever, desktop consumption still remains a critical piece to the cross-channel solution. Although desktops rely heavily on cookies for targeting and measurement, Adelphic has a unique ability to create persistent consumer identities profiles that outlast cookie deletion. Now advertisers can accurately manage reach and frequency across their display and video campaigns, while targeting their desired audiences.

  • Native


    By naturally formatting display and video ads into surrounding content across any device, native advertising refrains from disrupting the consumer’s online experience. Whether your goal is to increase direct response, drive engagement or build awareness, Adelphic’s cross device native solution has proven to be much more effective than standard banners. Our unified workflow and integrated native supply partners provide extensive reach and scalable inventory across open and private marketplaces.

  • DOOH


    Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) is a return to advertising’s roots, reimagining the classic advertising experience through captivating creatives and streamlined ad delivery. Now marketers can execute digital out-of-home advertising programmatically within Adelphic’s self-service platform with ample inventory across digital roadside billboards, airports, office lobbies, and elevators. And with integrated technology, account for the true reach and impact that DOOH has on consumers using standard digital metrics. Learn more about DOOH ›

  • Connected TV

    Connected TV

    With easy access to favorite shows, original content, and even live sports via streaming services, cord-cutter and cord-never populations are on a rapid rise. Connected TV (CTV) presents new opportunities to bring digital content into these households. Leveraging industry expertise and direct relationships with suppliers, Adelphic’s cross-channel DSP makes it easier than ever to activate connected TV campaigns across 100% viewable, full-screen HD content.

  • Audio


    Whether on phones or other connected devices, music and podcast streaming are on the rise and are increasingly preferred over traditional audio formats. And with audio demonstrating a 24% lift in ad recall compared to display, now is the time to make audio part of every media plan. Adelphic’s cross-channel DSP is committed to helping brands engage tuned-in listeners across their favorite playlists, stations and podcasts. Learn more about Audio

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the application of artificial intelligence to make data-driven predictions or decisions. By giving computers access to data, machine learning provides the ability to recognize patterns and learn the appropriate response for the future. The computer is able to perceive environments and take action to maximize the chance of successfully achieving a designated goal.

Adelphic utilizes machine learning to drive KPIs based on historical patterns and insight into performance to train real-time decisioning. For example, Adelphic’s Machine Learning Viewability will determine whether an incoming bid request is desirable with likely access to a viewable impression by leveraging historical training and feedback related to previously observed, known viewable impressions.

Ad Quality

In a continual effort to provide brand safe, fraud-free, and viewable inventory to our clients, we have comprehensive data integrations to ensure your ads run on quality inventory. You can address ad quality and viewability concerns head on with pre-bid data segments from integrated partners such as Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, and Grapeshot.


We offer a full suite of reporting tools, including in-depth multi-touch attribution analytics for online and in-store activity. As the first DSP in-market to offer IAS’s MRC accredited viewability metrics directly within the platform, we empower our clients with differentiated insights, optimization and in-flight activation directly at their fingertips.

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