For years, the entire digital advertising ecosystem has been built on the third-party cookie. Cookies enabled marketers to do everything from targeting consumers to measuring the results of their campaigns – but as we all know, cookies are on their way out.

Already today, cookies aren’t available in the bid stream 65% of the time. Though we’re still months away from their official demise, cookies are currently limited to a single browser in one corner of the programmatic ecosystem.

This means marketers need a new way to reach audiences and understand the impact of their efforts – and they need it now.

“Now that cookies are going away, marketers have no ability to serve addressable or targeted advertising, and they have no ability to track whether that advertising performed,” said Chris Vanderhook, Viant COO and co-founder.

That is, until Viant’s World Without Cookies Software release.

“It’s a huge upgrade,” Vanderhook said.

Learn more about World Without Cookies, and how the recent release is helping marketers reach real consumers, not proxies, in the video below.