We work with some of the largest and most influential brands around.


Case Study

Big Candy Sales

In a five-week campaign for a global candy manufacturer, $673,000 in total in-store sales over 184,600 in-store trips were attributed to the Adelphic platform.

Targeting of loyal brand buyers and general chocolate buyers was the key driver, accounting for 69% of sales and store trips despite the lowest media spend and impressions. The campaign also finished with a viewability rate of 75%.


Case Study

Driving OTT Tune-In

This major streaming provider used the Adelphic platform and leveraged our deterministic data to programmatically deliver ads to identifiable past viewers, driving 31,472 unique TV users and an 18% tune in rate over a 15 day conversion window.

The people-based targeted segment also consumed roughly 25 minutes per tune-in compared to an average of 4 minutes. Overall, the campaign drove 17% of the total time watched during the campaign and 2.5% of the total time watched for the month.

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