Asian Automaker

Asian Automaker Takes Advantage of Adelphic’s Ability to Deterministically Tie Cross-Channel Digital Media to Dealership Sales

Front view of SUV on camp site


An Asian auto manufacturer was looking for a partner to run their Q4 regional campaigns with the goal of driving dealership sales growth for their full line of vehicles.


Tasked with the challenge of driving sales across 14 U.S. markets, Adelphic executed a three-month campaign that aimed to reach consumers across their connected devices. Knowing that consumers typically do in-depth research prior to making a vehicle purchase, Adelphic placed pixels across the dealer webpages to track demonstrated buyer intent. This included consumers who requested a quote, sought directions to the dealership or explored current offers. This group of consumers, along with a pool of known in-market auto consumers, made up a majority of Adelphic’s target audience.

Using Adelphic’s multi-touch attribution (MTA) suite, the auto brand was able to see the impact of the digital campaign and measure their consumers’ journey tied back to actual dealership sales. A deterministic integration with Urban Science enabled the integration of daily sales data directly into Adelphic. The client was able to capture a near real-time picture of the device and channel pathways that led to each sale. Additionally, Adelphic was able to use these in-depth MTA insights to optimize the campaign toward top performing devices, dayparts and creative.


The Q4 campaign attributed $16,729,919 in total sales, which included vehicles sold in each of the 14 U.S. markets. In addition, return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by 1 ½ times over the previous quarter.


Attributed Vehicles Sold


Different Models Sold (2017 & 2018 Models)


Units sold were from compact sport utility vehicle and compact car models

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