A B2B Digital Marketing Agency Goes Cookieless and Maximizes Lead Conversions

Learn how Viant Household targeting with people-based B2B partner integrations generated 11.5x ROAS and 39% lift in conversions.



(Return on Ad Spend)


Lift in
site actions


Lead conversions from
Connected TV (CTV)
Adelphic - B2B Digital Marketing Agency - Case Study


  • Drive site visitation
  • Increase lead conversions

Solutions leveraged

  • Adelphic Omnichannel DSP
  • Viant Household ID
  • Integrated partnerships with Adstra and Dun & Bradstreet
  • Conversion Lift measurement in Adelphic

How they did it

A B2B website design agency leveraged Viant’s household cookieless solution to maximize online conversions. Applying direct integrations with Adstra and Dun & Bradstreet, the agency targeted IT executives and industry trade professionals across connected TV and online video. The client also leveraged geotargeting within Adelphic to further refine people-based audience groups and maintain scale with their omnichannel activation.

Advanced Reporting in Adelphic allowed the brand to understand the customer journey and channel effectiveness of their ad campaign. Conversion Lift measurement, with a ghost bids control group, provided a holistic view of incremental site visitation and lead conversions. The measurement highlighted a 11.5x ROAS and 39% incremental lift in site actions, with 34% of those site actions being influenced by CTV.

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