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Discover Boating, the world’s premier online boating resource, leveraged Adelphic’s Advanced Reporting capabilities to prove media drove users to its website as well as boat manufacturers’ websites

Adelphic - Discover Boating - Case Study


Discover Boating sought Adelphic’s help to validate that media not only drove users to its website, but also to boat manufacturers’ websites. Prior to working with Adelphic, the Discover Boating team was unable to attribute exposures from their paid media to specific manufacturer site visits.

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Adelphic executed a four-month campaign, activating across connected TV (CTV) and online video (OLV) publishers. Leveraging Adelphic’s Advanced Reporting, a hybrid multi-touch attribution solution was developed to prove site traffic was driven to specific manufacturer websites.

Tracking any impression, click and website visit that was tied back to registered users in Viant’s identity graph, the engagement measured Adelphic media, paid search as well as social media campaigns and tied each media exposure to the final conversion point, which was defined as any visit to a manufacturer’s site. Aligning with a long purchase cycle, post-campaign analysis considered lookback windows of three, six and nine months.


During the campaign, more than 9% of all addressable touchpoints were tied to future manufacture-direct site visits, proving the effectiveness of Discover Boating’s media efforts.

Addressable touchpoints:


Addressable touchpoints attributed
to manufacturer site visits:


Pre-conversion touchpoints:


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