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Learn how a popular footwear brand drove sales among new and lapsed customers by leveraging Adelphic and Viant’s identity graph.

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A popular footwear brand sought Adelphic’s help to drive sales and reach new or lapsed customers using purely prospecting campaigns, without any retargeting tactics.


Adelphic onboarded the client’s first-party data from a top DMP and matched it to Viant’s identity graph for people-based lookalike targeting across all known desktop and mobile devices. Adelphic used two non-retargeting prospecting tactics: suppressing past purchasers using a conversion pixel and identifying site visitors within the past 30 days by leveraging both Viant’s identity graph data and the footwear brand’s first-party data.

Adelphic kept a tight frequency in order to maximize reach on the best- performing audiences and leveraged pre-bid DoubleVerify segments to manage fraud and viewability. Pixels were placed on the footwear brand’s shopping cart and various product pages to help inform optimization efforts such as cart abandonment and time spent.

Sales conversion was tracked using first-party data and client-provided third- party pixels, a lookback window of 60 days and a post-impression primary conversion point capturing true channel attribution.


Adelphic was successful in increasing impression delivery and overall spend on the segments, while keeping performance 12% above the average return on ad spend (ROAS) as compared to the client’s numerous other media partners.

Promotional messaging during the campaign also increased purchases of the products as well as a lift in overall brand sales.



Fraud-Free & Brand Safe Ads


Increase in ROAS in Adelphic’s Performance Compared to Others


Post-Impression Conversion vs. Post-Click

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