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Global Automaker Takes Control and Gains Transparency by Stepping Outside the Walled Gardens

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A global auto manufacturer came to Adelphic with the goal of increasing their market share by 5% by 2020. The client was looking to embrace new and emerging ways to conquest customers, as well as to innovate their customer journey and accurately attribute of offline sales to TV and digital exposures.


Adelphic helped this client accomplish these goals by employing an open and transparent people-based approach. First, Adelphic identified in-market auto shoppers and previously overlooked buyers on a 1:1 basis by leveraging deterministic data from Viant, as well as vehicle sales and ownership data from Adelphic’s partnership with Urban Science, the leading automotive industry data provider. Urban Science collects automotive sales data from 99% of automotive brands in the U.S. in near real time; they collect data through direct partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and their respective dealers.

Once these shoppers were identified, Adelphic layered in additional segments like an auto-intender group and a conquesting segment in order to hone in on the most relevant audiences to ensure delivery of ads to the right individuals, across all of their connected devices.

Using Adelphic’s multi-touch attribution suite, the auto brand was able to see the impact of their digital campaign and measure their audience’s journey back to actual dealership sales. Throughout the campaign, Urban Science sales data was sent directly to Adelphic, giving the client a near real-time picture of the pathways of devices and channels that led to a sale.

They were also able to measure TV ad exposure on actual vehicle sales by leveraging Adelphic’s partnership with Inscape’s automatic content recognition (ACR) technology.


The client went from being trapped by the walled gardens and their black box data approach to achieving the industry’s first truly 360-degree view of auto buyers. With Adelphic, this auto brand was able to accurately attribute offline vehicle sales to their TV and digital media campaign. In total, 885 vehicles sold were directly attributed to Adelphic’s campaign, accounting for $22.1 million in sales.

885 Vehicles Sold Accounting for $22.1 Million in Sales

Customers exposed on tablet drove ~10% higher average purchase value than desktop or mobile, and ~15% higher than TV

Campaign Conversion Rate Surpassed Benchmark by 655%

Auto brand’s customers over-index for the Today Show and Entertainment Tonight

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