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Mobile device manufacturer leverages device ID targeting to drive upgrades

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A major mobile device manufacturer sought to run a cross-device campaign promoting their new smartphone models by targeting owners of older models and competitive device owners.


The client chose to work with Adelphic in order to leverage its self-service, omnichannel DSP. Viant’s identity graph is consistently refreshed with the most up-to-date make and model information, giving marketers who use Adelphic the ability to reach specific audience segments by device type for accurate targeting and measurement.

While accurately reaching users across smartphone, tablet and desktop was the primary goal of the campaign, the secondary goal was ensuring proper frequency. Under traditional cookie-based approaches, marketers have seen their reach overstated by 58% and their ad frequency understated by 141%. The client wanted to cap frequency at eight ads per user across desktop and mobile. In order to achieve this goal, the client used Adelphic’s universal frequency capping tool, which limits exposure based on deterministic device linkage.


The client drove almost 400 million impressions to a very specific audience through Adelphic’s scaled, deterministic device ID targeting. Using Viant’s integrated people-based insights, the client was also able to optimize the campaign in real-time by shifting more budget to mobile, as that was greatly outperforming desktop.

Overall, the mobile campaign drove 144,000 conversions to the client’s landing page, where visitors could sign up or upgrade to the client’s new smartphone model. Lastly, the client also experimented with display versus video ads, finding that video outperformed display 2 to 1 in terms of conversion rate.

Scaled Device ID Targeting Delivered 400 Million Impressions

Frequency Capped at 8 Ads per Person

Video Outperforms Display 2:1

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