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A national bookseller put Adelphic to the test to increase foot traffic in its stores and prove that media can motivate consumers to visit stores for purchases

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A large, national bookseller sought to demonstrate how media can mitigate loss from declining brick-and-mortar sales by driving incremental users to its stores for purchases.


Leveraging the Adelphic self-service omnichannel DSP, the client ran two campaigns over a three-month period, across connected TV (CTV) and online video, to drive store visitation. Exposed and control groups were created by an innovative design method, in which people served impressions that were deemed out of view were the basis of the control group and those confirmed to be in-view were included in the
exposed group.

Targeting tactics included keyword-based, purchased-based, geo-fenced and audience-based. Devices included Smart TV, mobile and desktop.

Location data was leveraged to provide foot traffic lift and Adelphic’s partnership with a leading aggregator of retail transaction data, combined with Viant’s identity resolution capabilities, allowed for deterministic measurement of the online audiences’ consumer behavior with actual retail sales.


The success of the media exposure yielded over 140 million impressions, resulting in a 29% overall foot traffic lift and 33.6% lift in total sales, proving the value of media to motivate additional consumers to visit stores
for purchases.

Online Video:

22% in-store visitation lift
43.5% sales lift

Connected TV:

51% in-store visitation lift
25% sales lift

Key Stats


In-Person Visits

Households Reached

Lift-In Total Sales

ROAS (Outperformed Average Benchmark)

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