National Retail Pharmacy Increases Sales with Viant’s Cookieless Solution

Viant Household targeting and measurement with people-based partner integrations increased buyer spend and penetration lift.



Incremental Return
on Ad Spend


Lift in buyer


Lift in spend
per buyer
Case Study - National Retail Pharmacy - Shopping in Store Aisle


  • Drive in-store sales for back-to-school and beauty products
  • Optimize campaign effectiveness
  • Test cookieless solution

Solutions leveraged

  • Adelphic omnichannel DSP
  • Viant Household ID
  • Integrated partnership with Commerce Signals
  • Advanced Reporting Retail Sales Lift study

How they did it

In preparation for continuous cookie deprecation, a national retail pharmacy implemented Viant’s Household ID solution to target brand loyalists and competitive shoppers based on actual purchase data. Targeting retail consumers at the household level removed duplication and maximized reach while reducing media waste.

Viant’s direct integration with leading retail transaction data partner, Commerce Signals, enabled retail sales lift reporting and in-flight optimization. The client was also able to leverage ghost bid control groups to understand incremental sales from their ad spend along with total sales.

As a result, this National Retail Pharmacy saw a 19% lift in buyer penetration and a 1% lift in spend per buyer, meaning 19% more people made purchases and they also spent 1% more than those who didn’t see the ad. This netted an overall iROAS of over $9, which was 4x above goal.

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