The Reason This Online Sportsbook and Casino Brand Went Cookieless for Their Latest Campaign

Discover how Viant’s household technology enabled this casino brand to generate $1.2 ROAS and reduce CPA by over 70%.



Lift in Conversions


in CPA


(Return on Ad Spend)
Viant - Online Sportsbook and Casino Brand - Case Study


  • Reduce CPA
  • Increase sign-ups with deposits for higher customer lifetime value

Solutions leveraged

  • Free onboarding
  • Audience insights
  • Lookalike audience creation
  • Viant Household ID
  • Adelphic DSP

How they did it

Leveraging Viant’s people-based household identifier with insights from their onboarded first-party data and historic converted consumers, an online sportsbook and casino brand created lookalike (LAL) audiences reflecting their best customers. Combining the LAL audiences with key third-party segments and geo-targeting based on state level legalization of online gambling, the brand activated an omnichannel campaign, including connected TV (CTV), online video (OLV), display and audio channels, to reach high-value consumers.

Enabling household targeting via the Viant Household ID, the brand maintained efficient control of reach and frequency for qualified consumers. Additional optimizations were made based on channel and audience performance.

Through Advanced Reporting in Adelphic DSP, the brand was able to measure new incremental conversions using a ghost-bid control group, resulting in conversion lift of 171% and 102% and reducing cost per acquisition (CPA) by 72%. Averaging a $1.2 ROAS on first-time signups with deposits allowed the brand to see immediate return on media spend with the potential for higher returns as customers continue spending with the brand.

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