Top 5 Global Vehicle Brand

Winning Audiences with a Shift from Regional Spot Television to Digital Video

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A top-five global car brand sought Adelphic’s help to transition from the increasingly expensive and scarce spot television approach to a targeted digital video strategy. They were looking to execute a cross-device campaign in all 210 major U.S. markets with the goal of reaching prospective car buyers, age 25-54. Already highly coveted audiences, the challenge in reaching these segments via local television was exacerbated in a year where the U.S. presidential election and Olympic programming spiked demand for ad inventory, putting particular pressure on regional television advertising.


Needing to execute a comprehensive campaign consisting of varying creative across numerous U.S. markets, the advertiser leveraged Adelphic to properly manage cross-device reach and frequency while reaching its target ratings point (TRP) and cost per point (CPP) goals.

To reach its target demographic (ages 25-54) across all major markets and connected devices, the advertiser utilized Adelphic’s TV extension solution, which leverages Viant’s massive pool of more than 250 million registered users in the U.S. and vast roster of directly integrated data partners.

Beyond delivering TRPs comparable to television at substantially lower CPPs, Adelphic was able to tap into the inherent advantages of digital advertising with advanced analytics including creative optimization, conversion attribution and closed loop measurement (ad-to-sale).


Drive Greater Cost Efficiency
Achieved as much as 3x cost-per-point (CPP) efficiency vs. spot television*

Achieve TRP Goals Across All Markets
660 average Target Rating Points for all 210 DMAs, including over 60% of households reached on at least one mobile device.

Reach a Higher Percentage of your Target Audience
Adults 25-54 14% Above industry benchmark**

* SQAD market data, when compared to primetime day part in major markets
** Compared to Nielsen DAR-monitored campaign

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