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Video Game Developer and Publisher Leverages Viant’s identity graph to Retarget Audiences Exposed to Digital Out-of-Home Campaign

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A premier video game developer and publisher partnered with Adelphic to create awareness for its top-selling game as it launched on a popular portable platform.


Adelphic saw this as a unique opportunity to be the first to activate a high-impact digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign and extend brand awareness through cross-device retargeting of DOOH-exposed users by leveraging Viant’s identity resolution capabilities.

Adelphic’s first step was to utilize DOOH billboards in high-traffic locations including airports, bus shelters, urban centers and office buildings, targeting commuters who aren’t driving, which aligned with the platform’s portability.

To expand reach beyond the initial DOOH impressions, Adelphic leveraged its integrated partnership with leading location data provider Cuebiq to tie media exposure to mobile device IDs. Next, Adelphic was able to significantly increase reach for cross-device retargeting activation by leveraging its people-based device graph, which consists of over 700 million known devices linked to registered users within Adelphic’s database. This enabled the client to maximize brand awareness for DOOH-exposed audiences at scale, far exceeding what other platforms are capable of providing.

Both direct and programmatic deals with multiple DOOH partners were managed through one point of contact, creating streamlined execution for the client.


Adelphic’s proprietary tools allowed for reach and scale by not only reaching those initially exposed to Clear Channel Outdoor’s DOOH screens, but also retargeting them across all of their devices, which enabled strategic messaging opportunities. Identified mobile device IDs were matched against Viant’s identity graph, increasing reach by 15X across exposed users’ other known devices, a capability unique to Adelphic.

Additionally, Adelphic’s machine learning capabilities, which can increase viewable inventory by as much as 4X, helped Adelphic’s retargeting campaign maintain a 71.8% viewability rate as measured upon completion.


Reach increased across DOOH-exposed users’ devices


Retargeting campaign viewability

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