Digital Audio Advertising: A 101 Guide

In 2020, US adults turned from terrestrial radio to digital audio due in large part to the decline in driving during the height of COVID-19. Now, even as health restrictions wane and the population returns to pre-pandemic activities, digital audio listening continues to rise. Marketers have taken notice, too. Podcast ad spending alone is expected to soar to $2 billion in 2023.

Programmatic audio advertising represents a massive opportunity for brands to connect with consumers wherever they are via a channel people are passionate about – as long as those brands understand how to navigate the space.

In Digital Audio Advertising: A 101 Guide, you’ll learn:

Using a demand-side-platform for programmatic audio advertising

Depending on your overall goals, there are multiple ways to buy digital audio inventory. This guide breaks down how to buy digital audio ads programmatically and how to find the right DSP to achieve your audio advertising goals

How to measure digital audio ads’ effectiveness

Understanding key terms and metrics can help you measure the success of your digital audio campaigns. You can use this knowledge to make sure you’re reaching your programmatic audio advertising goals.

Breakdown of the digital audio landscape

This digital audio advertising guide can help you learn everything you need to know about the main players in the digital audio space. Plus, it will help you identify the benefits of digital audio compared to terrestrial radio.

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