Introduction to Digital Out-of-Home

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) empowers marketers to reach consumers by the masses with personalized and timely messaging. And these days, DOOH isn’t limited to roadside billboards – ads can also be found running across screens in elevators, gyms, airports, office buildings and more.

But as with any new technology, programmatic DOOH comes with a learning curve. In our new guide, Introduction to Digital Out-of-Home, we detail how marketers can leverage this emerging advertising channel.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

DOOH Trends

DOOH is on track to become a $26 billion industry by 2023. Take a closer look into why. Plus, see some of the top benefits of programmatic DOOH advertising.

DOOH vs. Traditional Out-of-Home

It’s crucial to understand the difference between digital out-of-home and traditional (or “static”) out-of-home, both in terms of what they are exactly and how inventory can be purchased and creative can be displayed.

Finding the best DOOH inventory

This introductory report takes a look at the different types of DOOH inventory so advertisers can identify which area might work best for them. Choosing the right DSP for programmatic DOOH can make a huge difference for advertisers.

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