Behind the Rise of Ecommerce in America

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, consumers were shopping online more than ever before. But a pandemic that forced millions of Americans to shelter in place has proven to be the accelerator to a trend that was already in progress.

Now, even more people are using the internet to purchase groceries, pet supplies, tech devices and more, and there’s no indication that online shopping increases will slow down. For ecommerce marketers, that means consumers are there to be reached – but that succeeding in an increasingly crowded marketplace means the tactics of the past are no longer enough.

In Behind the Rise of Ecommerce in America, you’ll learn:

Shopping trends impacted by COVID-19

As COVID-19 closed brick-and-mortar stores and forced millions of Americans to shelter at home, consumers turned toward online shopping. This report breaks down online shopping trends that are here to stay – and what that means for the future of ecommerce marketing.

Ecommerce marketing beyond typical advertising platforms

It can be easy for ecommerce marketers to focus on tried-and-true advertising channels like broadcast TV, social media and paid search. But emerging technologies are providing opportunities to expand marketing efforts.

Determining ecommerce marketing impact

With the right technology, it’s possible for ecommerce marketers to understand and analyze the direct impact of all advertising channels.

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