Introduction to Programmatic Advertising: In-Housing for Brands

Programmatic went from being considered the future of online advertising just a few years ago to a $48 billion market. In 2020, 86.3% of digital ad dollars were expected to be transacted programmatically, with that number only expected to increase.

Programmatic has helped advertisers improve efficiency, better deliver relevant ads and save on costs. Small and mid-size agencies who want to be part of this revolution must embrace a programmatic advertising approach – and that begins with better understanding the programmatic landscape.

In our guide, you’ll learn:

Defining the essential components of programmatic advertising

Programmatic media buying emerged from the need for cost efficiency and real-time optimization. To create an effective programmatic advertising strategy, agencies need to know the essential components, including definitions of important programmatic terms.

Programmatic advertising landscape and trends

In today’s complex advertising environment, you need to understand the current market landscape and the role of walled gardens, PMPs and Open Exchanges.

Choosing the best demand-side-platform (DSP) for your strategy

DSPs are a necessary tool for anyone who wants to buy and run media programmatically. Learn how to choose a demand side platform (DSP) and the key differentiators to look for in order to execute your strategy

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