The Definitive Guide to People-Based Advertising

The digital advertising ecosystem is well known for its abundance of buzzwords and acronyms, with new terms cropping up all the time.

People-based advertising has become a hot term in the industry, but there’s still plenty of confusion around what it actually means.

In The Definitive Guide to People-Based Advertising, we’ll provide a beginner’s guide to people-based advertising, defining what people-based means today and the key benefits of a people-based marketing approach.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

How to Tell a People-Based Provider from a Pretender

The growing demands from brands for people-based solutions has led to a surge in companies claiming to be people-based, when in fact they are not. This guide will help you filter out the true people-based players from the pretenders.

What to Look for in a People-Based Marketing Partner

When selecting a people-based marketing partner, you want to find the right fit to achieve your advertising goals. With that in mind, this guide includes a checklist of essential requirements to help you ascertain the credentials of a true people-based marketing partner.

People-Based Marketing Glossary of Terms

Understanding the key terms within people-based marketing is the first step in creating a successful campaign. The Definitive Guide to People-Based Advertising includes the key definitions you need to know.

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