Programmatic Advertising in the Trenches

In 2019 alone, marketers will spend $60 billion on programmatic advertising – and it is programmatic traders who play the most integral role in the planning, strategizing and execution of these advertising campaigns.

By giving voice to traders, we gain a true sense of the advertising landscape beyond the standard projection numbers. And that’s the idea behind Adelphic’s new report, Programmatic Advertising in the Trenches, which surveys 250 traders across the U.S. to get their take on the top trends, challenges, and opportunities affecting the advertising industry.

Research highlights:

Resources for advertising in-house

Traders at agencies are 21.5% more likely than traders in-house at brands to have all the resources necessary to execute their campaigns successfully. This is in line with a newer trend of bringing all facets of advertising in-house — which is impacting how businesses do programmatic advertising.

Machine learning and AI’s impact on programmatic advertising

Machine learning is transforming programmatic advertising. Over 93% of programmatic traders believe machine learning and AI increase campaign efficiency and performance.

Viewable inventory remains a challenge

More than 4 out of 5 traders find it challenging to find viewable inventory that meets their campaign requirements. In-platform DSP tools can help traders tackle that challenge.

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