TV’s Role in an Omnichannel World

Television’s role in today’s increasingly omnichannel world is changing – what worked in 2015 won’t work in 2020 and beyond. To succeed in the current climate, advertisers must understand how to balance traditional TV efforts with new technologies that reach consumers where they’re paying attention and allow for the relevant and personalized advertisements that today’s audiences have come to expect.

In our new report, TV’s Role in an Omnichannel World, we explore the current state of mind on TV advertising, highlight the ways marketers can break through the distraction of competing screens and examine what the future of omnichannel measurement will look like.

In TV’s Role in an Omnichannel World, you’ll learn:

Balancing traditional TV with CTV and ACR

Successful marketers must balance traditional TV with emerging technologies like programmatic linear TV, CTV and ACR. An omnichannel marketing strategy should take into account these emerging technologies like connected TV to better target the customer experience.

The impact of second screening on TV Advertising

Several factors can impact whether viewers are active on their companion devices during TV programming, like daypart and genre. TV’s Role in an Omnichannel World takes a look at how marketers can use this knowledge to their advantage.

Measuring an omnichannel marketing strategy

Measurement is crucial for an omnichannel strategy. Take a closer look at which metric is re-emerging as the currency of choice for marketers executing omnichannel campaigns.

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