Measurement Solutions for a Cookieless World

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There’s never been more pressure to prove the value of your media spend

Instead of relying on click-through rates and view-through rates, today’s marketers must tie their ad campaigns to real-world outcomes. They need to prove their ads drove consumers to visit stores, for example, as opposed to just clicking a link. They need to know whether Connected TV ads drove online sales. And they need to be able to do it without relying on third-party cookies or device IDs.

That’s why Adelphic is built to help marketers prove the true impact of their advertising efforts in a cookieless world – now and in the future.

Measure Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) – Without Cookies

Forget asking whether a campaign worked. Marketers must answer whether a campaign delivered value. With the Viant Household ID at the heart of Adelphic’s identity resolution capabilities, marketers can evaluate performance across all channels and measure ROAS, cookies not required.

Adelphic’s Advanced Reporting Suite includes…

Conversion Lift

Understand the impact your media has on driving incremental conversions

Foot-Traffic Attribution

Measure the effect of your ads on driving in-store visits

Multi-Touch Attribution

Gain a holistic view of advertising performance by understanding customer purchase pathways

TV & DOOH Reporting

Analyze the impact of your TV and digital out-of-home advertising

…and more

True Cross-Device Attribution, Including Connected TV

72% of conversions happen on a different device from where a consumer viewed an ad. And yet, for too long marketers have made decisions based on the measurement of conversions that occur on the same device on which an ad is viewed – because that’s what third-party cookies and device IDs have allowed.

With Adelphic, marketers can gain a holistic view of their efforts and truly understand consumers’ pathway to purchase. It’s now possible to tie advertising efforts to real-world outcomes across devices, including on cookieless channels like Connected TV (CTV) – meaning you can finally prove the value of your CTV ad spend.