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August 8, 2019   MarTech Series The Ad Industry’s Focus on Scale Has Ignored Small Businesses

With a subscription model, SMBs can access enterprise-grade solutions in a very cost-effective manner. The subscription model provides much more transparency into the fees associated with programmatic ad buying and allows SMBs to scale spend without incurring additional fees, writes CMO Jon Schulz.

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May 22, 2019   MarTech Series Digital Audio Can Be An Advertising MVP – If Navigated Correctly

With brands increasingly looking to find creative ways to reach consumers across a growing number of channels and devices, with more targeted and personalized messages, digital audio is poised to be an advertiser’s MVP – but it requires some navigating in order to succeed, writes SVP of Operations Jon Ahuna.

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May 14, 2019   eMarketer Advanced TV Is the New Frontier for DSPs

“Anybody that’s not talking about [advanced TV] or doing something with it is in a little bit of trouble right now because that’s where the money is moving,” said CMO Jon Schulz.

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