• Enterprise-Grade DSP

    Built to make our customers’ lives easier

Data & Forecasting

Using your customer data combined with Viant’s 1st and 3rd party data, Adelphic gives marketers a transparent and holistic view of their audience profiles, to help make more informed media strategy and investments.

Upload, Segment & Activate

Onboard and match your customer data against 250 million registered users to forecast, manage, and target new segments in seconds.

Customer Identity

Define audience segments using known identity attributes such as demographics, purchase history, and web browsing activity, and extend campaign reach with intelligent lookalike modeling.

Seamless Platform Integration

Maintain customer identities with a fully integrated platform that links devices and offline activities to real people so you can seamlessly execute and measure campaigns.


With our self-service DSP, advertisers can execute their programmatic media campaigns across all devices, without worrying about data loss or modeling techniques.

Unlike most DSPs, Adelphic is powered by first-party data, bringing the precision of people-based targeting into programmatic ad buying.

Advertisers leverage our powerful tools and key partner integrations for easy activation of data, inventory and ad quality to significantly improve campaign performance.



We offer a full suite of reporting tools, including in-depth multi-touch attribution analytics for online and in-store activity. As the first DSP in-market to offer IAS’s MRC accredited viewability metrics directly within the platform, we empower our clients with differentiated insights, optimization and in-flight activation directly at their fingertips.


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