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Take your omnichannel campaign to the next level by engaging listeners as they’re tuned in to their favorite playlists and podcasts.

Digital audio advertising is becoming a key part of any omnichannel advertising campaign – by 2022, eMarketer estimates Americans will spend nearly 90 minutes a day listening to streaming radio, music playlists or podcasts. Whether on phones or other connected devices, people are tuning into streaming content instead of more traditional audio formats like terrestrial radio.

Audio represents a massive opportunity for brands to connect with consumers wherever they are via a channel people are passionate about. Adelphic’s programmatic audio solution provides access to more than 90% of available streaming audio and podcast programmatic inventory.

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Key Benefits of Running Digital Audio Ads

Reach Engaged Consumers Where They Are

Digital audio reaches consumers no matter their location, even if they’re on the go or not looking at screens – at the gym, commuting to work, on a run, in their car and so on.

Align with the Right Content

Brands can reach consumers when they’re in highly specific situations or frames of mind. To use the gym example from above, a nutritional supplement company could run an ad during Spotify’s “Power Workout” playlist, for example, reaching a relevant and tuned-in audience.

Eliminate Waste

There’s no such thing as an unserved digital audio ad, because ads are only played when a user is listening to music or a podcast.

Creative Flexibility & Timely Messaging

Creating and swapping out audio ads is a fast, simple and low-cost process, which allows brands to spend more on media and less on creative – and to ensure messaging remains current in our fast-moving times.

Complement TV Efforts

Certainly, digital audio advertising can stand on its own. But the medium is also particularly effective when paired with TV messaging, allowing brands to build frequency while reinforcing branding or messaging at a lower cost.

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Data Driven Execution

  • Effectively deliver digital audio ads across all devices and layer in listener-level audience targeting thanks to our integrations with key data partners.
  • Increase frequency by reaching consumers you’ve already targeted on other devices, like CTV and mobile, with audio ads.

Premium Supply Partners

  • Integration with key partners including Magnite supports access to first-class music and podcast inventory.

High-Quality Environment

Digital audio ads stand out from the crowd to provide an uninhibited experience

  • Non-skippable inventory
  • Isolated experience
  • Instream audio
  • No ad blocking
  • Engaged audience
  • 15/30 second ad spots

Effective Measurement

  • Close the loop by measuring audio with the rest of your digital buy and finally see the impact it has on driving sales

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