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What is Connected TV advertising?

Connected TV (CTV) advertising refers to ads served on a smart TV or any internet-connected device that can access premium streaming content. In addition to smart TVs, CTV ads can be viewed on devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets or TVs connected to over-the-top devices.

CTV is Now a Critical Component of Any Media Strategy

Studies have proven that most purchasing decisions are made at the household level, meaning the key to creating long-term customer connections is by delivering meaningful messaging to the members of the household. With smart TV sales at record highs and linear TV audiences diminishing, CTV is the most engaging and cost-effective way to reach them.

As there will be more than 55 million cord-cutters by 2022 – and millions more cord-nevers who have avoided paying for traditional cable TV their entire lives, CTV advertising is no longer a “nice to have” piece of a media strategy. Today, it’s all but required.

CTV Advertising Stats


Of Households Own a Smart TV


Household Penetration for CTV


Projected 2022 CTV Ad Spend

Sources: eMarketer & Media Play News

Reach Target Households with Scale While Controlling Reach and Frequency

With Adelphic, you can access quality over-the-top (OTT) and CTV inventory with unparalleled reach. With partnerships with the industry’s top suppliers and fraud-prevention solutions including DoubleVerify’s fraud protection and pre-bid fraud protection from IAS, Adelphic helps you ensure your ads aren’t subject to fraud and appear only alongside premium programming.

By leveraging the Viant Household ID, Adelphic offers accurate reach and frequency management at the household level, allowing for seamless activation and holistic measurement across critical channels including CTV.

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Adelphic Empowers You to Tie CTV Advertising to Real-World Outcomes, Cookies Not Required

CTV is a cookieless channel, but for many other DSPs, third-party cookies are needed to tie CTV ad exposure to consumer actions taken on other devices. That’s never been the case for Adelphic, which doesn’t rely on cookies.

Match household CTV ad exposures to actions taken on other devices to understand the impact of your ads on driving conversions

Measure incremental online sales that occurred after CTV ad exposure to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising

See the ROAS of your CTV campaign alongside all other channels

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