Connected TV Solutions

Reach cord-cutters and on-demand streamers when traditional TV can’t with Adelphic CTV advertising.

With consumers now able to access their favorite shows, original content and even live sports events via streaming services, streaming subscriptions are rapidly cutting into cable’s market share. And with cord-cutters and cord-nevers on the rise, connected TV (CTV) presents new opportunities to bring digital content into these households.

Connected Television with Smart TV on Screen

Quality Data

Identify viewers and non-viewers of TV content

  • Leverage Viant’s deterministic device graph to accurately reach target audience
  • Unlock leading TV viewership insights powered by direct ACR data integrations with Inscape and Gracenote

Strategic Execution

Engage high-value TV audiences across premium publishers at scale

  • Extend exposure to audiences not consuming TV content for incremental reach
  • Leverage real-time retargeting to sequentially message engaged viewers with a call to action on a companion device
  • Capture audience attention from consumers exposed to competitors’ ads

Scalable Premium Inventory

  • Leverage first-look access into inventory that may otherwise be unavailable on the open exchange with pre-negotiated PMP deals
  • Get complete insight into real-time available inventory, clearing, price, sites and VTR performance

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Close the loop by measuring attribution of your holistic video strategy

  • Gain insight into the consumer’s path to online/in-store purchase or store visitation
  • Understand attribution for exposed viewers of each individual channel and the overlapped audience
  • Know the impact that digital exposure has on driving program viewership

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