Digital Out-of-Home

A return to advertising’s roots, digital out-of-home (DOOH) reimagines the classic advertising experience through captivating creatives and streamlined ad delivery.

Today, digital out-of-home isn’t limited to roadside billboards; ads can also be found running across screens in elevators, gyms, airports, office buildings and more. Now, marketers with a $25,000 minimum budget can execute DOOH advertising programmatically within Adelphic’s self-service platform. With ample inventory available through private marketplace solutions, incorporating DOOH into your omnichannel approach and reaching consumers by the masses has never been easier.

Digital Programmatic Out-of-Home Advertising Billboard

Programmatic Digital Execution

  • Access inventory across roadside digital billboards, fitness clubs, airports, elevators, shopping malls and more
  • Launch and refresh creatives with the latest branding efforts and offerings with ease
  • Optimize in-flight with tactics such as consumer-based location or dayparting toward high traffic
  • Deepen brand engagement with cross-channel amplification on exposed consumers

Accuracy & Precision

  • Forecast campaign reach and frequency across Rubicon Project’s integrated DOOH network
  • Impression multipliers translate a single DOOH ad into digital impressions based on calculated viewership

Unified Measurement

  • Track standard DOOH metrics alongside other cross-channel initiatives within Adelphic’s reporting UI
  • Assess the impact that DOOH exposure has on driving conversions and store visitation

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