Display Advertising

Whether you’re looking to drive brand awareness or increase engagement, website display ads can help you meet your goals.

The longtime standard of the digital advertising ecosystem, website display ads – also known as banner ads – remain a key part of an effective omnichannel advertising campaign. With Adelphic’s display advertising solution, you can understand the impact of your display ads alongside all other advertising channels, allowing for true cross-channel optimization. Plus, our machine learning capabilities help solve the challenge of finding viewable inventory at scale.

Data-Driven Execution

Effectively deliver website ads across users’ smartphones, computers and tablets or complement an audio ad with a companion banner. Further inform efforts by layering in audience targeting thanks to our integrations with key data partners

Command Attention

Alongside static display ads, Adelphic allows marketers to take a step further with rich media execution thanks to integrations with leading third-party ad servers including Sizmek, Contobox, Medialets and Flashtalking

Robust Measurement

  • Understand the effect of your messaging on target audiences and optimize on the fly as needed
  • Close the loop by measuring the impact your display ads had on driving actual sales, both online and in-store

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