In-Game Advertising

Tap into a market that can be challenging to reach with impactful advertisements that appear directly within their favorite video games.

With nearly 3 billion gamers worldwide, in-game advertising is quickly becoming a valuable opportunity for marketers. In fact, the in-game advertising market is projected to reach $18.4 billion by 2027, according to analysts.

Marketers can now take advantage of this exciting opportunity with Adelphic’s in-game advertising solution, which enables brands to advertise directly within gameplay. It’s an ideal component of any omnichannel strategy, enabling marketers to place impactful ads directly in some of the world’s most popular games and seamlessly measure the impact of their efforts.

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Key Benefits of Advertising in Video Games with Adelphic

Engage Valuable, Hard-to-Reach Audiences

More than 177 million players log on to play video games via mobile or console in the U.S. every month1, a valuable group of consumers that’s growing fast. With an average age of 36 for women and 34 for men2, gamers can be challenging to reach with more traditional efforts, making in-game advertising an effective way to engage this market.

1 Insider Intelligence; 2 ESA & Statista

Place Your Brand in a Favorable Context

It can be as seamless – and effective – as having your brand’s logo appear on the boards surrounding the pitch in a popular soccer video game. In-game ads can be personalized to deliver relevant messaging and foster emotional connections with gamers, all without disruption.

Use In-Game Advertising to Enhance Your Omnichannel Strategy

Gain incremental reach with a new channel that’s a perfect complement to connected TV and digital out-of-home campaigns. Leverage the Viant Household ID to deterministically link household devices and understand gamers’ online and offline behavior after being exposed to in-game ads, both online and offline.

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