Mobile Advertising

Reach consumers at home, at work or on the go by connecting with them on their smartphones, a critical component of the purchase cycle.

Our smartphones are ever-present, highly personal and go everywhere we go. Adelphic’s mobile advertising solutions allow you to reach consumers on their mobile devices, whether they’re at home, at work or anywhere else. As consumers today own multiple connected devices, mobile advertising has become a critical component of the purchase cycle.

Premium Inventory

  • Adelphic has integrations with all leading suppliers of mobile inventory, including MoPub, AdColony and more

Leading Mobile Integrations

Adelphic is pleased to have some of the deepest and broadest mobile integrations with leading providers of proximity data and other mobile-adjacent solutions

  • Proximity or location-based targeting helps you engage consumers at precise points of purchase or interest
  • Dynamic creative can refresh content, messaging, maps or coupons based on a person’s location

Effective Measurement

  • Foot traffic attribution allows you to measure the impact digital ad exposure had on store or other physical location visits

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