Native Advertising

Echo the look and feel of surrounding content across any device with Adelphic’s native advertising solution.

By naturally formatting display and video ads into surrounding content across any device, native ads don’t interrupt a consumer’s online experience. Whether you aim to increase direct response, drive engagement or build awareness, Adelphic’s cross-device native advertising solution can help you execute people-based native advertising at scale – and provide better user experience than standard banner ads.

Fit In Seamlessly

  • Provide an ad experience that looks and functions naturally with its environment’s content
  • Keep users engaged with less interruptive, more relevant ad placements

Stand Out

  • Attract the user with a better experience than standard banners with native advertising. Thanks to their contextualized look and feel, users are less likely to skip over or ignore them
  • Leverage integrated native supply partners like TripleLift, Sharethrough and MoPub

triplelift logo: triplelift is an Adelphic native partner

Sharethough logo: Sharethrough is an Adelphic native supply partner

MoPub logo: MoPub is an Adelphic native advertising partner

Advanced Reporting

  • Close the loop by measuring the impact your native ad had on driving actual sales, both online and in-store
  • Augment the omnichannel story with a native message that resonates with target audiences

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