Linear TV

Adelphic’s programmatic linear TV solution brings an automated approach to the traditional buying and delivery of ads during live TV programming.

Our programmatic linear TV (PLTV) advertising solution modernizes and streamlines the manual steps of linear TV ad buying, made possible by WideOrbit. With PLTV, marketers can efficiently buy live TV inventory and track their campaigns through our omnichannel platform, while closing the loop on media execution, both online and offline.

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Audience Targeting

Choose between Adelphic’s two options for audience targeting in PLTV:

  • User-level targeting: Target viewers by age, demographic, household income and overall DMA based on Nielsen data
  • Media-level targeting: Target by show, daypart, network, day of the week, station, affiliate and/or audience rating

Strategic Execution

  • Leverage household-level deterministic insights using Viant’s identity resolution capabilities to drive linear TV targeting strategies
  • Incorporate programmatic linear TV buys alongside full omnichannel display and video execution including emerging channels CTV, DOOH and audio
  • Access all advertising breaks within any show

Robust Measurement

  • Link all TV and digital exposures directly to Viant’s identity graph for closed loop measurement of important KPIs including in-store and online sales

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