Smart TV Advertising Solutions

Adelphic’s TV solutions empower marketers to reach TV audiences, whether they’re watching on their Smart TVs or anywhere else

TV viewing has become scattered across devices, apps and networks – Adelphic’s Smart TV offerings can empower you to reach viewers with TV ads, even as the cord-cutting population grows. Our TV advertising solutions include Advanced TV options like connected TV (CTV), over-the-top (OTT), as well as programmatic linear TV (PLTV), which help you reach television audiences, no matter which device they’re watching on.

Connected Television with Smart TV on Screen

Connected TV

Adelphic’s CTV solution helps you deterministically identify TV viewers and reach them across their internet-connected TVs and more.

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Woman watching live hockey on TV

Programmatic Linear TV

Adelphic’s PLTV capabilities streamline the historically automated approach to the buying and delivery of ads during live TV programming.

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