Video Advertising

Reach online video viewers with innovative, engaging content across all of their devices with Adelphic’s digital video advertising.

Digital video advertising is a highly effective medium for brands to reach their audiences at scale, and to connect with them via the power of video. Adelphic’s video advertising solution allows marketers to broadcast their brands’ messages to audiences across all of their connected devices through multiple video formats in brand safe, viewable and fraud-free environments.

Premium Supply

  • Our private marketplace and full-episode player (FEP) inventory includes an unparalleled suite of trusted media brands

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High-Impact, Cross-Device Formats

  • Instream ads play either before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll) or after (post-roll) a publisher’s video content
  • Outstream ads autoplay in a large format player when a user navigates to it within an article

Brand-Safe Environments

  • Adelphic’s integrations with verification partners solve for viewability, fraud, brand-safety and more
  • Our integrations with IAS and DoubleVerify among others score content for brand safety triggers like adult content and hate speech

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