Planning and Programmatic Media Buying in Adelphic

The Adelphic platform is built to ensure our clients have access to high-quality, scaled omnichannel advertising inventory. Our publishers and exchanges provides access to inventory on all devices where media is consumed – Connected TV, mobile, display, digital out-of-home, digital audio, native, video and more. Learn more about our inventory and marketplaces.

In addition, our programmatic strategy and media strategy teams take great pride in helping our partners maximize performance, scale and brand safety through comprehensive practices and processes. We aim to provide advertisers with the control, transparency and access they need to succeed.

Programmatic Advertising Planning and Buying for Traders

Ongoing Programmatic Ad Buying Strategy

Need a deal, but don’t see it in the private marketplace (PMP) library? Our professional services teams connect advertisers to supply sources or can help curate PMP deals specific to requests, which can help bypass red tape for much quicker activation of clients’ custom PMPs.

Inherent Brand Safety Filtration

All supply permissible through Adelphic has been rigorously tested and has ongoing filtration supplied to ensure our clients are exposed to human-verified traffic that will add value to their marketing efforts. We always encourage advertisers to set their own brand-safety settings, and offer an agnostic and comprehensive list of settings and partner integrations.

Innovative Planning Tools

Adelphic’s planning tools give media planners the ability to develop data-driven campaign strategies using advanced analytics. It’s a one-stop source for all types of planning – from business visitation to omnichannel planning.

Active Troubleshooting

Struggling to scale? Not seeing results from creative? Troubleshooting inventory and PMPs can be one of the biggest advertising challenges – we’re here to help.

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