Identity Resolution

Identify your customers consistently across multiple channels and touchpoints, then move seamlessly to activation.

With Adelphic, marketers have no need to look for a separate identity resolution provider. Our full identity resolution capability is built directly into our software, empowering marketers to identify a customer consistently as the same person across multiple channels and touchpoints. Thanks to Adelphic’s cookieless identity resolution capability, marketers can create people-based segments for personalized messaging and perform closed-loop measurement, allowing them to truly understand their customers.

Comprising more than 250 million matched consumers and 115 million households, our identity graph empowers marketers with true omnichannel reach to consumers true omnichannel reach to consumers.

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  • Deterministic Matching

    Deterministic Matching

    Viant’s identity resolution capabilities include numerous strategic supply and data integrations, large-scale DSP activity and activation across 1 billion known devices. Viant’s identity graph receives millions of deterministic identification events and billions of real-time signals that help create, authenticate and enrich Viant Household ID profiles.

    A large-scale identity graph or device graph built using deterministic matching is the critical roadmap that dictates which audience profiles are linked with which data points. The larger volume of deterministic – or “known” – data increases not only the accuracy of the anonymized profile, but also the confidence a marketer has in effectively reaching the right target audience.

  • People-Based Identity

    People-Based Identity

    While other DSPs claim to be people-based or identity-based, Adelphic has the true deterministic data to back it up. Our offline data is made up of real-world touchpoints, which are deterministically linked with addressable online identifiers to provide a people-based, omnichannel marketing approach, enabling marketers to reach target audiences with a personalized consumer experience. The data we leverage comes from every partner and publisher that we have worked with over our long history, a list that we continue to grow.

  • Deep Integrations

    Deep Integrations

    Integrations with more than 150 supply and data partners within Viant’s identity graph are matched to create one of the largest pools of identity data available to Adelphic users.



    With browser and device identifiers in question going forward, and with so many purchase decisions being made at the household level, it has become critical for marketers to be able to target and measure at the household level.

    Our Householding® solution allows marketers to target multiple connected devices within the same home, including TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart speakers and more. With Householding®, marketers can also collect, track, and report on actionable data, allowing them to better understand their customers and optimize their campaigns as needed based at the household level.

  • Privacy & Security

    Privacy & Security

    Adelphic makes data protection a top priority, adheres to internal and external regulations when classifying, labeling and encrypting data and supports all advanced hashing protocols. As such, Viant’s identity graph built on a foundation of direct consumer relationships and user consent with advanced opt-out capabilities to always keep privacy and security on the forefront.

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