Ad Inventory and
Ad Marketplaces

Adelphic offers our clients the highest breadth and depth of omnichannel advertising inventory available across the programmatic landscape. No matter your inventory needs, Adelphic is equipped to help you audit, select and optimize it over time.

Adelphic Deal Types

No matter the deal, Adelphic has the means and mechanisms to support it.

Digital billboards in Time Square with various advertisements.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Real-time bidding (RTB for short) is a shared marketplace of inventory where buyers and sellers can programmatically transact advertising inventory. These auction environments allow advertisers to be hyper-selective of targeting variables while being flexible with delivery time and cost. Adelphic offers unrivaled access to omnichannel inventory sources with access to pre-curated black and white lists to help safeguard navigation through the open market, and is here to help if challenges arise.

Private Marketplace (PMP)

Adelphic offers hundreds of PMP deals structured based on various advertiser objectives (e.g., high viewability or completion rates). These PMP options, in parallel with allowing our clients to build custom PMPs leveraging our professional services team, can help bypass red tape. In addition, Adelphic clients can bring their own Deal IDs into the platform, ensuring they are focused on the right bid opportunities that will drive real value for their programmatic efforts.

Above all, Adelphic is here to help connect brands with the right advertising inventory that matters, and we also offer our own off-the-shelf curated PMP deals based on our clients’ programmatic strategies.

Programmatic Guarantee (PG)

Programmatic Guaranteed deals are structured PMPs that require a publisher to promise impressions or “yield” through a specific client deal. Not every publisher or supply partner (SSP) offers this type of deal, but where offered, Adelphic can support these deals already pre-negotiated by our clients, help source PG deals on behalf of our clients as well as consult with clients to help surface PG opportunities during needs-analysis discussions.

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