Adelphic’s Machine Learning Improves Campaign Performance

Our advanced machine learning technology ensures our clients that they’re running smart and efficient campaigns and helps improve their campaign performance.

Adelphic’s built-in advanced machine learning technology analyzes millions of impressions and data points every second. In doing so, our machine learning can help you combat fraud, increase viewability and maximize budget efficiency. With our machine learning-powered solutions, you can strengthen your campaign efforts and build confidence in your programmatic campaign performance.

Programmatic Advertising Machine Learning

Combat Fraud

Advertisers are losing billions of dollars of ad spend to fraudulent users and inventory. Staying ahead of scammers as they adopt increasingly sophisticated techniques is a challenge that marketers are facing every day.

Our machine learning technology helps protect our clients’ campaigns by ensuring budgets are spent on high-quality, vetted inventory. By evaluating millions of impressions every second to identify and eliminate new forms of fraud, our proprietary algorithms and data analysis have helped our clients save over 10% of their marketing budgets.

Increase Viewable Inventory

Unfortunately, marketers often end up wasting spend on ads that aren’t seen. Adelphic leverages our machine learning technology to ensure that doesn’t happen. Our clients can easily bid only on viewable inventory. This has helped our clients increase their viewable inventory by as much as four times – without sacrificing scale.

Maximize Budget Efficiency

Our machine learning technology also helps marketers ensure their budgets are always maximized toward their efficiency goals.

Currently, many marketers are unknowingly overspending on inventory. Adelphic’s bid optimization capabilities are powered by machine learning algorithms that predict the ideal bid price needed to maintain daily budgets. Our platform automatically optimizes to obtain maximum value by achieving the lowest possible price while ensuring KPIs are reached.

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