Onboard and match your customer database against 250 million U.S. registered users in seconds, at no cost.

Incorporating first-party data into your marketing strategies is crucial – it’s the most valuable data your brand has access to. With Adelphic, you can onboard customer lists and instantly have a view into your customers’ top attributes, transform lists into targeting segments and easily activate these customer segments. Best of all, it’s completely free.

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With Adelphic’s CRM onboarder, onboarding your own first-party data doesn’t require a separate data management platform.

Our simple interface allows you to upload audience data with ease, including uploading multiple lists at the same time with the ability to create a unique segment or build lookalike segments for each, and our adaptable parameters let you receive customer lists in MD5 or Sha256 hashed formats.

Gain Robust Insights

Get to know your customers by unlocking robust audience insights that provide an understanding of their known attributes, like the shows they watch or products they buy.

Adelphic’s direct integrations with key data partners like NCS, Experian and Neustar provide you with a view into meaningful vertical attributes. These audience insights can empower you to extend your reach by creating segments on the fly.


Adelphic’s onboarding tool lets you seamlessly activate your onboarded segments and measure performance for a holistic, deterministic approach.

Our intuitive, self-service interface helps you understand exactly how customer segments perform by measuring campaign results directly.

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