Programmatic for Automotive Advertising

Even before 2020, consumers were doing most of their vehicle shopping online. Today, auto shoppers expect to be able to complete even more – if not most – of the buying or leasing process from the comfort of their own homes. Successful vehicle brands are those that connect with buyers early in the process to promote vehicle education and influence purchasing decisions.

Our fully integrated, omnichannel platform gives marketers the power to harness persistent consumer identities and strategically target these real auto shoppers across all of their devices during all stages of the purchase cycle.

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Key Benefits of Adelphic Automotive Advertising

Omnichannel Execution

Reach auto shoppers across all of their connected devices, including CTV, audio, mobile and more

  • Deliver omnichannel messaging to consumers based on where they are in the purchase funnel
  • Drive conversions by connecting with people across their digital devices after they have viewed branded TV ads

Target In-Market Shoppers

Harness the power of consistent consumer identities to strategically target real consumers

  • Target shoppers based on key indicators like purchase history, dealership visits and more
  • Deliver tailored incentives to consumers based on the vehicles they own

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Advanced Reporting

Understand the impact your automotive advertising has on vehicle sales and leases with our advanced reporting suite

  • Foot traffic attribution lets you know which dealership visits can be attributed to campaign exposure
  • Multi-touch attribution helps you attribute sales to different devices and channels in real time

Learn How to Reach Auto Buyers

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