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We’re experiencing extraordinary changes in the way people shop for goods of all kinds – and the CPG brands that are poised to rise to the challenge and succeed must be able to link offline sales to online behaviors at scale. For many, however, a critical cap still remains.

Adelphic’s programmatic for CPG solution gives marketers the power to harness persistent consumer identities and strategically target real consumers, execute in quality omnichannel environments and measure campaign effectiveness.

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Key Benefits of Programmatic for CPG

High-Quality Omnichannel Execution

Leverage Adelphic’s industry-leading supply integrations – the most of any single platform across every channel

Strategic Targeting

Embrace constantly changing CPG consumer behaviors with data-driven strategies

  • Leverage direct integrations with leading loyalty card data providers for CPG data at scale across all key CPG categories
  • Target consumers based on unique household purchase cycles, life stages and more
  • Deliver offers at the right time for up to a 16x increase on return on ad spend

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Advanced Reporting

Gauge your success with our comprehensive suite of CPG reporting tools

  • Understand how omnichannel advertising exposure drives sales and measure sales by product or store location
  • Receive in-flight incremental sales lift metrics via our reports powered by partners NCSolutions and IRI
  • Optimize weekly based on tactics and actual offline sales

Learn How to Reach CPG Consumers

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