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Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, box office visits were on the decline – in fact, movie theater attendance has been decreasing since 1992. But seeing films come alive on the big screen still appeals widely to audiences; many people, it seems, have simply forgotten the joy of the movie-going experience, adding to the challenges faced by today’s marketers.

Adelphic can help reconnect audiences to the movie-going experience. Our key data integrations, robust audience insights and access to premium, high-impact inventory help you ensure your story connects with target moviegoers while empowering you to understand campaign effect on box office sales.

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Key Benefits of Programmatic Advertising for Entertainment

High-Impact Omnichannel Inventory

Connect consumers with your entertainment advertising where they’re paying attention

  • Deterministically reach consumers across all devices – connected TV (CTV), digital out-of-home (DOOH), audio and more
  • Leverage our longform content solution to reach audiences with movie trailers, branded content and more
  • Go beyond linear TV to find and reach non-viewers of your trailer on their other devices

Quality Data

Our key direct integrations power high-value moviegoer insights

  • Access custom segments curated by Adelphic to reach high-value moviegoers who will be most impacted by premiere titles
  • Understand what audiences are watching at home and extend movie trailer exposure
  • Reach key audiences, including multicultural groups, parents and movie enthusiasts

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Advanced Reporting

Our reporting capabilities provide studios with measurable campaign success metrics for every movie title

  • Understand the impact digital media had on box office sales
  • Close the loop by measuring Comscore’s Box Office Essentials to understand how movie titles performed post campaign

Learn How to Connect with Target Moviegoers

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