Video Game Advertising

The gaming industry is on track to become one of the top entertainment verticals, earning $125 billion in revenue last year, according to Reuters. As audiences expand and game content becomes more elaborate, it is critical to understand target audiences and reach them through captivating environments that showcase the aesthetics of your game.

With premium data and supply integrations, Adelphic’s programmatic for gaming solution is built to tackle video game marketing needs head on. We deliver cutting-edge technologies that provide a holistic platform for gaming brands to reach consumers in relevant and impactful environments and measure their efforts on driving gameplay adoption.

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Key Benefits of Programmatic Advertising for Gaming

Omnichannel Execution

Deterministically reach gamers where they’re paying attention

High-Quality Data

Use people-based omnichannel targeting to reach any gamer

  • Identify gamers based on their previous purchases, actual gameplay and other online and offline behaviors
  • Leverage Adelphic’s massive TV viewership footprint thanks to partners like iSpot
  • Target gamers by the type of systems they own, games they play and genres they prefer

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Advanced Reporting

Close the loop and understand your advertising’s impact on gameplay adoption

  • Leverage the industry’s most accurate gameplay attribution
  • Truly understand your player base value with Adelphic’s cross-title view into brand performance
  • Lean on our leading mobile integrations to understand mobile app attribution

Learn How to Reach Gamers

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