Healthcare Advertising

Rising healthcare consumerism, fragmented audiences and the need to balance safe and compliant targeting are some of the leading challenges for today’s healthcare marketers. But healthcare consumers are an increasingly savvy group; 71% of adults search for healthcare information online, meaning audiences are there to be reached.

Adelphic’s programmatic advertising for healthcare solution helps marketers reach hospitals and hospital systems, insurance providers, healthcare non-profits, specialists and more, with the right message when and where healthcare consumers are paying attention.

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Key Benefits of Programmatic Advertising for Healthcare

Omnichannel Execution

Deterministically link all devices to known users by leveraging the Viant Total Graph

Strategic Targeting Capabilities

Gain insight on your most valuable audiences while remaining HIPAA compliant

  • Direct-to-Consumer: Sophisticated HIPAA-complaint models leverage pharma-based insights
  • Healthcare Professionals: Recruit quality providers at a 1:1 identity resolution
  • TV Audiences: Layer tactics to reach viewers and non-viewers of healthcare ads

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Advanced Reporting

Gain actionable insights and close the loop through Adelphic’s advanced measurement solutions

  • See how your omnichannel advertising influences offline sales
  • Learn the effectiveness of your ads on driving brand awareness or actions such as brochure downloads
  • Understand incremental reach for users exposed to TV and digital channels

Learn How to Reach Healthcare Audiences

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