Programmatic Advertising for the Pharmaceutical Industry

From a privacy and content standpoint, pharma may be the most regulated vertical in the advertising space. Linear TV and print help address compliance matters through mass reach and thorough disclosure, but these untargeted budgets are too often wasted on irrelevant audiences.

Adelphic’s robust programmatic for pharmaceutical solution helps pharma marketers improve consumers’ targeted brand experience while ensuring privacy regulations are upheld. By aligning with HIPAA-compliant data providers and pharma-approved inventory suppliers, marketers can connect with desired audiences based on Rx or OTC information while maintaining compliance through medical journeys.

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Key Benefits of Programmatic for Pharmaceutical

Omnichannel Execution

Leverage Adelphic to reach consumers beyond TV and print, across pharma-safe publishers

  • Connected TV: Harness the influential power of TV, but with digital efficiencies
  • Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH): Reach target audiences with large-format creative at point-of-care facilities
  • Audio: Run non-skippable ad spots alongside relevant content, including in the health and wellness realms
  • Video: Improve awareness through interactive ad units and flexible creative execution

Quality Rx Data

Leaning on deterministic integrations, gain healthcare insights on your most valuable audiences

  • Direct-to-Consumer: Sophisticated HIPAA-compliant models leveraging pharma-based insights
  • Healthcare Professional: Identity resolution for influential Rx prescribers by profession, specialty, prescriptions and practice size
  • Linear TV Audience: Layer tactics to reach viewers and non-viewers of pharma ads

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Advanced Reporting

Close the loop and understand your pharmaceutical advertising’s impact

  • TV vs. Digital: Incremental reach for users exposed to TV and digital channels
  • Rx Measurement: Understand ad effectiveness on driving consumer action

Reach Pharma Audiences While Staying Compliant

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