Adelphic and Grapeshot on Thursday announced that ad buyers can now use Live Audience, Grapeshot’s pre-bid keyword targeting solution, via Adelphic’s mobile-first programmatic media solution, to reach live audiences.

The integration with Adelphic, a mobile and cross-channel, demand-side platform (DSP), marks the first time Grapeshot’s technology is being made available in a mobile- first application. The keyword tech provider’s algorithm will work seamlessly with Adelphic’s Behavior Graph to allow brand safety controls and contextual targeting for marketers wherever they want to interact with their customers.

Through the integration, Grapeshot’s algorithm interprets and categorizes the content audiences are consuming on individual mobile webpages and apps. It will work seamlessly within the Adelphic platform to ensure ads are displayed Media Post Logonext to content that’s contextually relevant and brand safe across 29 languages, according to the companies. The goal is to improve targeting with a higher level of precision, reduce waste, and increase ROI, globally.

The integration will enable brands and agency media buyers to create custom audience segments for individualized targeting or select Grapeshot’s standard audience segments for universal applications. These segments can be included or excluded in the forecasting and targeting products on Adelphic’s platform. For an even higher degree of brand safety, ad buyers can overlay Grapeshot’s whitelist or PG-Rated standard safety targeting to ensure campaigns run on safe inventory.

“Now that more brand advertising is shifting to programmatic, clients expect greater control and transparency,” Gina Kim, head of partnerships for Adelphic, told Real-Time Daily via email. “Now with Grapeshot’s technology, both mobile-only and cross-channel campaigns that use our Behavior Graph, can layer brand safety controls and contextual targeting.  These additional tools for optimizing performance and increasing ROI are raising the bar for quality.”

“Our partnership with Adelphic enables real-time evaluation of  mobile web or in-app data at scale, eliminating the need for site lists, and providing contextual reach with vertical-specific keywords and phrases,” stated John Snyder, CEO and Founder of Grapeshot.”

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