Adelphic, the leading mobile and cross-channel demand side platform (DSP), today announced a partnership with TripleLift, the largest programmatic native technology company. Together, they will provide ad buyers access to native inventory sources across all display channels. Buyers will be able to leverage Adelphic’s leading targeting, optimization, and cross-channel capabilities to serve native image, video, and cinemagraph based ads in a fully self-serve workflow.adelphic-triplelift

Within the next five years, native advertisements will comprise nearly three-quarters of all display ad revenue in the U.S., driven in large part by innovations in programmatic technologies that make the format more scalable. Native delivers a better experience for consumers, which can drive marketers’ ROI. According to data from TripleLift, advertisers have seen up to a 100 percent increase in CTR, three-times higher brand awareness, and 250 percent higher engagement when using native as opposed to traditional display formats.

“Native has become a rapidly growing advertising strategy, particularly in mobile, where its success has been proven to drive increased consumer engagement,” said Katie Glass, Head of Programmatic Partnerships at TripleLift. “As a mobile-first DSP with cross-channel technology, Adelphic provides ad buyers a unique opportunity to leverage that increased engagement wherever audiences are consuming content.”

TripleLift’s native ads create more meaningful user engagement and a better consumer experience. TripleLift serves non-intrusive ads within the flow of content, which ensures that there are fewer accidental clicks. This means Adelphic customers can be confident that their clicks are from real consumers with interest. With better and more integrated advertising experiences, consumers are not pushed to employ ad blockers.

“Adelphic is excited to partner with TripleLift as we enhance our native offering to provide our customers with a robust set of tools that enable planning, forecasting, targeting, and reporting that empower our clients to scale their native campaigns,” said Gina Kim, Head of Partnerships of Adelphic. “This partnership will undoubtedly bring our customers new formats and tactics to drive brand advertising.”

This is the fifth new partnership for Adelphic since June – building on their more than 40 inventory, data, and ad tech ecosystem integrations as they continue to expand both the depth and breadth of the platform.

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