Kargo, the leader in mobile brand advertising, today announced a new strategic global partnership with Adelphic, the leading mobile and cross-channel demand side platform (DSP). The partnership enables Adelphic’s clients to purchase premium ad space through Kargo’s alliance of top publishers – including The New York Times, Hearst, and CBS Interactive – and reach more than 186 million consumers in the United States and United Kingdom.

Together, Adelphic’s cross-channel audience insights and Kargo’s effective ad formats and mobile reach improve the accuracy and impact of each ad placement, which increases the return-on-investment for brands and agencies.adelphic_kargo

Publishers within Kargo’s editorial alliance benefit by being able to engage with and sell advertising inventory directly to brands, rather than allowing the process to flow through third-party platforms like Facebook.

“We see eye-to-eye with Adelphic when it comes to the value of premium editorial environments that reduce ad fraud and give brands and agencies access to high quality readers who are more likely to see and engage with their campaigns,” said Harry Kargman, founder and CEO of Kargo. “This approach to mobile advertising is particularly important as media companies fight to regain control from platforms like Facebook, which control the vast majority of digital and mobile ad dollars and limit publishers’ share of the profit.”

“Ad buyers understand that mobile is central to consumers’ content consumption preferences, and they’re looking for tools that enable them to reach these audiences efficiently, at scale, and with the precision of data-driven optimization,” said Michael Collins, CEO of Adelphic. “Through this partnership, our clients will be able to check all of these boxes as part of an ecosystem that is open and fair for all.”

Kargo is the only mobile advertising company that not only creates rich-media campaigns for more than 200 brands (including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Verizon and L’Oréal) but also partners with a handpicked network of 70 top publishers (like The Wall Street Journal, NBC and Vox) — reaching an audience that rivals Facebook in terms of scale.

Within the last 12 months, Kargo surpassed $100M in 2015 revenue, expanded internationally, was featured on the Inc. 500 for the second consecutive year (ascending from 405 to 336) and strengthened its executive team by adding top talent from technology giants like Apple, Google and AOL.

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