In another sign of native video advertising coming into the programmatic fold, native ad platform Sharethrough announced an integration Tuesday with mobile demand side platform (DSP) Adelphic. Sharethrough says it is the first of many forthcoming DSP integrations to support native video programmatically.

adelphic-sharethroughAdelphic established its first native platform relationship with TripleLift in October when it launched its self-serve native campaign workflow.

Buyers using Adelphic will be able to use it to bid on native in-feed display and video inventory on the Sharethrough Exchange. The API integration works from the IAB’s OpenRTB 2.3 standardization, which includes specifications for real-time trading on native ads in addition to display banner and video ads.

“At Sharethrough, we believe that native ads are the only format that makes sense on mobile and that mobile is the future of the Internet, which makes integrations like these essential to drive our business forward,” said Alex White, VP of product marketing at Sharethrough.

The company said that three-quarters of the ad impressions served through the Sharethrough Exchange were on mobile devices in Q3 2016. Of that, 77 percent of impressions were on the mobile web.

“Native advertising will drive increased spend to programmatic channels as advertisers continue to see high engagement with their audiences and demand the scale and efficiency of RTB buying,” said Gina Kim, VP of  business development at Adelphic.

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