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TV’s Role in an Omnichannel World

In this report, we explore the current state of mind on TV advertising, highlight the ways marketers can break through the distraction of competing screens and examine what the future of omnichannel measurement will look like.

Programmatic Advertising in the Trenches:
A Survey of Programmatic Traders’ Top Challenges and Opportunities

In the years since its introduction, programmatic advertising has grown and changed dramatically. In 2019 alone, advertisers will spend close to $60 billion on programmatic – a number that will only increase in the near future. Meanwhile, brands will continue to bring their media buying in-house, a trend that’s growing in popularity.

Adelphic In-House Programmatic Advertising Guide
Introduction to Programmatic Advertising:
In-Housing for Brands

In-housing programmatic can save on costs, increase ROI and expand transparency, but it can be a confusing and complex process. Our guide helps you understand the landscape and key elements of a programmatic approach to prepare you to bring your media buying in-house.

Adelphic Digital OUt-of-Home Case Study
Introduction to Digital Out-of-Home

Digital out-of-home empowers marketers to reach consumers by the masses with personalized and timely messaging, but as with any new technology, it comes with a learning curve. Our introductory guide provides marketers with the knowledge necessary to leverage programmatic DOOH to achieve their goals.

Case Studies

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How CBD Advertisers Can Drive Six Figures of Additional Sales

A top candy brand used demographic and behavioral targeting to increase in-store sales, tactics that can also help brands drive revenue for CBD products.

Adelphic Candy Manufacturer Case Study
Cross-Device Video Campaign Drives Global Candy Maker’s In-Store Sales

Learn how a global candy manufacturer leveraged Adelphic’s demographic, contextual and behavioral targeting capabilities to drive in-store sales of its flagship product by executing a cross-device video campaign.

Adelphic Streaming TV Provider Case Study
Streaming Provider Drives Higher Tune-In with Adelphic’s People-Based Approach

Discover how a leading over-the-top (OTT) content service provider drove higher tune-in by leveraging Adelphic to target lapsed viewers of its programming through a cross-device campaign.

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